CECC announces that Luísa Santos (CECC researcher), has just won a 20 thousand euros financing from DGARTES for the publication of "Politics of Silence", an anthology-book-exhibition on silence, as a concept and essential practice for contemporary visual culture in its relationship with the political.



"If we think about the definition of silence by the dictionary (State of those who abstain or stop talking; Cessation of sound or noise; Interruption of correspondence or communication; Quiet, quietness, calm; secret, secrecy), we will think of passivity. However, silence was and is used violently throughout oppressive political regimes to censor and erase dissonant ideas, identities and narratives. On the other hand, as contemporary artistic practices have demonstrated (remember, e.g., Ahmet Ogut's The Silent University), silence can also be a poetic protest, a bargaining chip, and a powerful tool of resistance."

Luísa Santos - application excerpt