4Cs - From Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture


Do you want to collaborate with us?

Here are a few ideas on how you may collaborate with us:

  • Have your work / ideas published on our blog

Send us an abstract of your idea, including length of text and number of images. A form stating consent for free online use must accompany all texts and images.
We will look into all proposals and give feedback as soon as possible.


  • Participate in our activities

Check the calendar and attend our activities.
If you wish to participate in a more active way, please contact the institution (find contact details in the ‘Partners’ section) organising the activity in which you would like to participate and find out more on how to collaborate.


  • Help in building our archive of case studies

The archive is a growing tool that aims at bringing together similar projects within the framework of art and cultural agents and institutions working in conflict and post-conflict situations. With this archive, we seek to build connections between similar projects, agents, and institutions. Such connections will, hopefully, lead to new endeavours.

Send us a short description of a project that you find interesting and relating to the 4Cs’ aims. We will look into all proposals and give feedback as soon as possible.


  • Suggest artists that we should get to know

Send us links to artists’ portfolios, as well as information on curators and institutions whose work relates to the 4Cs’ aims.


  • Send photographs, comments, or ideas regarding activities that you have attended and / or participated in

Send us images and / or comments on what you have seen so far. Comments and critiques on how you would like to see the 4Cs evolve are welcome.



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