4Cs - From Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture

Espace 132 (Fall 2022)

Issue 132 of Espace was just released under the theme "flesh", edited by André-Louis Parré. Luísa Santos contributed with "Between Oceans and Wounds: Notes on Anthropophagic Contemporary Artistic Practices".

The Politics of Heritage

Who owns historical artefacts? Is it more important to conserve and display them or to return them to their country of origin? Are they valid targets in warfare? Hear from experts and be ready to contribute your own thoughts. A truly multi-disciplinary approach. Participants of this Summer School are studying towards a master’s or doctorate and must be attending a university that is a member of the Europaeum network. Professor Luísa Santos will be moderating one of the paper sessions and giving a lecture on the politics and cultures of silence.

CCCB - Francesc Tosquelles. Like a Sewing Machine in a Field of Wheat

This exhibition takes a look at the avant-garde practices that the psychiatrist Francesc Tosquelles carried out in the therapeutic, political and cultural field. Tosquelles transformed psychiatric institutions during the Republic and in fascist Europe. Today, he is an inspiration when addressing mental health policies in times of extreme crisis. This exhibition has the support of the 4Cs Project.

4Cs HANDBOOK - Reflections and Actions Upon Mediation Practices

What does mediation mean/do for/in visual and culture studies? This is the question that we asked ourselves throughout the 4Cs, more particularly over the mediation labs and the workshops. In this handbook, we have gathered essays from curators and thinkers as well as the materials produced during the mediation activities of the 4Cs. Composed as much of theories as of practical examples, the handbook aims to provide a critical reflection on the transforming potential of mediation.

Our Space to Help

Our Space to Help Berlin art institutions are calling for a joint fundraising campaign at the Neue Nationalgalerie – for people fleeing Ukraine and arriving in our city.