This two-day colloquium brings together participating scholars, researchers and artists, to share knowledge and research activities, and to collectively discuss and explore questions of listening. Listening is captured here as a transdisciplinary subject, one that moves across the humanities and society, and which contributes to fostering interpersonal relations as well as meeting points across diverse communities. Listening is more than the hearing of audible signals; rather, listening supports a range of relevant processes, including emotional growth, social recognition, narrative empathy, and attunement across human and more-than-human worlds. How might we think further about listening as a discursive field? What forms of creative and critical practice can be developed and deployed by way of listening, which may impact onto current challenges? And are there particular ways in which listening can contribute to the project of decolonizing knowledge regimes? Through individual presentation and group reflection, the colloquium will map key perspectives, opening toward potential areas of future research.



Rua Damasceno Monteiro, 12 r/c
1170-112 Lisboa