4Cs - From Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture

Mediation Labs

About the Mediation Labs

One of the biggest challenges for contemporary art has been to mediate art – to understand the ways in which the audience can meet art, take part of it and engage with it as a methodology to actively participate in the world we live in.

The main goal of these mediation labs is to engage with the local communities, create and develop new audiences that usually do not attend art exhibitions and cultural events. By exploring the relationship between civic engagement, culture, and the arts, specifically through place-responsive arts projects and off-site, socially engaged practices, active audience participation and co-production, these mediation labs aim to develop the awareness and participation of the community.

A “handbook of good practices in mediation of conflict situations through artistic practice, creativity and culture” will reflect the lessons learned in this activity as well as in the workshops.

The Silent University Language Café

As part of the mediation lab Tensta konsthall is elaborating further on the tailor made strategies of art mediation that is at the very core of The Silent University: Language Cafe. Friday and Sunday afternoon a group led by Fahyma Alnablsi is meet. The Language Café welcomes those who wish to learn the basics of the Swedish and Arabic language, meet new friends and share experiences and ideas.

"Penya" Tosquelles

The Fundació Antoni Tàpies invites you to join the reading group "Penya" Tosquelles. The activity is divided into five reading sessions, based on selected texts about the work and praxis of the Catalan psychiatrist Francesc Tosquelles. During those sessions, we will practise a connective reading and divergent thinking, in an open dialogue capable of creating maps and links between the legacy of Tosquelles and art, politics, philosophy, schizoanalysis and other fields.