Looking at your object or representation, what have you come to know about your experience of COVID19 restrictions? Were there any significant moments? What might they mean?

This time has taught me that I need more time alone than I thought I would need. And silence.

At first, there were many moments when I thought the confinement wasn’t too different from my usual day-to-day life. Many moments when I thought it was actually quite interesting to see how people were managing to work from home and how that allowed me to work from home without the usual pressure to do everything with in person meetings when, in fact, much can be done from a distance. This was particularly useful to me, individually, for a number of personal reasons. However, with time, I started feeling quite overwhelmed by the amount of online meetings, workload, video calls with family and friends. Soon it became a sort of a new online life, which was even more time consuming and demanding than before. Anxiety and fear with all the practical adjustments grew with time.

All in all, I think these moments have shown that I, personally, don’t cope too well with closed spaces and with not being able to decide what to do with my time.


If a situation of existential threat occurred again, what would you wish for your future self to know? Think 5-10 years into the future, what would you tell yourself?

I wish I knew but I don’t think I’ll ever be prepared for a situation like this.


Do you think ‘utopia’ is possible? If so, how would you know it was arriving? This could be personal or collective.

I think it is but not at the practical level. I think it’s possible at the level of ideas, hopes, and perceptions. And that’s already quite a lot. If we, as a society, would be able to shift our perception, we would change so much in the world we live in.