Text (excerpt) from April 2020, written for an ongoing collective project of interchanging knowledge and research.


“stapling the manifest

in a complexion of principles

the relevance of being

still contained in the word”



Looking at your object or representation, what have you come to know about your experience of COVID19 restrictions? Were there any significant moments? What might they mean?

The condition of the suspended time. The potency of the overall effect.

The silence.

I want to keep in mind the spirit of solidarity and the openness to transformation.

I wish that the changes we have been observing, are not forgotten or swallowed up fiercely.

The notion of surface has become convenient and frivolous in our daily lives.

We still yearn for desire and affectation.

The stillness of melancholia.

If a situation of existential threat occurred again, what would you wish for your future self to know? Think 5-10 years into the future, what would you tell yourself?

This crisis has managed to paralyze the market economy. The opportunity arose to sustain, to end excess systems, to reflect on our needs and modes of consumption - Technological - Material and immaterial - Relationships -  Ecosystems - Of our being.
We can interrupt processes. We can evolve in the meantime.


Do you think ‘utopia’ is possible? If so, how would you know it was arriving? This could be personal or collective.

Utopia is a radical form of construction.
We must develop the qualities to develop disruptive possibilities.
I don't think, however, that we can achieve it. It is always a state of constant delusion and inadequacy.
Being able to spread these delusions, in order to be shared and built with others, is what favors approaches to these achievements.





Have you discovered the relevance?
It seems so. I have company and peers. They do feed and sustain me.

Can you straighten up and breathe?
I've been trying. The body fails me sometimes. Material decay seems to be consented and the immanence of the intangible is preserved.

I look into your eyes and I cannot interpret you. It is as if you were also wearing a mask. Now, more than ever, we all wear masks.
Linger in the gaze. Masks are layers that can disintegrate.

Can you see the truth?
I can rehearse truths.

Do you feel immortal, now that you have been manifested?
I feel alive, now, with you.