Looking at your object or representation, what have you come to know about your experience of COVID19 restrictions? Were there any significant moments? What might they mean?
I started with an item that I thought represented escape, and thus some sort of isolation. My final representation made me reflect on the interdependence and interconnectedness of nature and of man. That’s what I’ve just learned about my experience of COVID19 restrictions. Even in these moments when I thought I was reaching for an escape, I was actually seeking a wider sense of connectedness.
If a situation of existential threat occurred again, what would you wish for your future self to know? Think 5-10 years into the future, what would you tell yourself?
See this as an opportunity for growth. Help however you can, if you can.
Do you think ‘utopia’ is possible? If so, how would you know it was arriving? This could be personal or collective.
I think utopia is shaped in relation to our current reality, and since our current reality is never stagnant, utopia is an ever-morphing—and thus not attainable—place. This is, in my opinion, what makes utopia such a wonderful thing: it unceasingly pulls us forward.