Utopia is a direction that you tend to. As we are all out here, like in this space floating in utopia, you gave us things to bounce against and guide us towards the right direction, even if we might not ever get there.






Group discussion Andreia, Jeanne and Nithya:

The thing is we are getting closer and further away at the same time. This cut feels violent, but it is also “part of nature’ chaos & the unpredictable part of the universe and while we are part of the universe- as the scientist says- we can never touch it. Like touch itself, it is only a sensation, but the atoms are repelling and that is where we are feeling.

Under COVID, our physical distance reflects this idea. We want to be close but we can’t, and this distance, this way that some communities are becoming tighter means we are also at risk of losing solidarity between communities. The closeness and further away are happening at the same time.

The cut in the paper: at first seemed quite violent, or a mistake, but the more we grew curious and observed it, it began to change. The paper moved, swollen with the paint, like a skin healing, scars formed in some places. The cut curved, claiming the space around it.