A series of 8 workshops for children aged between 5 to 12 years old, based on the 8 visual essays of the Politics of Silence. Coordinated by Susana Anágua, the workshops will revolve around ideas of what silence means and does in various contexts.



Mini-Hangar is a space dedicated to educational and recreational activities of artistic scope, aimed for the school and local communities, and developed in interaction with the artistic community of Hangar. Mini-Hangar activities comprise: workshops, a library, a gallery and a residency program.
Mini-Hangar proposes activities for children and young people that, in collaboration artists from a number of different disciplines, will work on issues related to everyday culture, the arts ant the social sciences. The program aims to be a creative and safe place of learning through art, on various topics of relevance to the geographical context in which it operates.

Mini Hangar is a space where learning is developed through art: children are the artists and the spectators. The impact of the creative side of human beings is developed early in a safe space and designed to the scale of what is being small.



The workshop will be held in Portuguese.


[A partir de 8 obras de arte sobre o poder do silêncio. 

Como é que o silêncio pode calar e falar ao mesmo tempo?

É o que vamos descobrir a partir das respostas de 8 artistas.]


All photographs by Ana Fabíola Maurício



Rua Damasceno Monteiro, 12 r/c
1170-112 Lisboa