Mónica de Miranda © "Twin towers” from “Tales of Lisbon” (2019)


Mónica de Miranda’s work focuses on postcolonial issues of geography, affect, identity and history, mainly narrated within a subjective framework associated to African diaspora. Through the interdisciplinary use of different media - drawing, photography, sound, video, and installations - including documentary as well as fiction, she looks at the convergence of memory, politics, gender, and landscape. Metaphorically, yet realistically, the urban and the peripheral come together under her performative documentary approach. As an artist and researcher working in the diaspora, she explores the notions of belonging, home and place, developing her research from her own artistic practices. The twin sisters recurrently appear in her work, representing the ‘in-betweenness’ and the issue of (un-)belonging related to the hybrid subjectivity of diaspora.